Thanks to everyone for doing a great job with Spring Cleaning.

Suc h a cute Flower Garden Hamblins made!

Such a cute Flower Garden Hamblins made!

Calloways have a great fenced in backyard where her kids can have a fun time playing!

Calloways have a great fenced in backyard where her kids can have a fun time playing!

Prologo's Did an amazing job with their fence!

Prologo's Did an amazing job with their fence!

Cute Flower Garden Hamblins!

Cute Flower Garden Hamblins!

Our winners are Sarah Calloway & The Prologos!



Decision day!









Way to go Lisa Hamblin for winning our Facebook contest! She got a $50 VISA gift card! We love having Lisa and her family here in our park!

Thank you to all that came out to our Summer Social. We hope everyone had a wonderful time. A Special thanks to Julia, Reagan, Debbie & Denise for coordinating food by El Buen Sazon (Taco Truck), face painting by Making Faces & balloons by Magic Man Enterprises.











We know that we remind you every year about some things contained in this newsletter, but we still have problems with residents complying with Park rules. For those of you that are already doing these things, we greatly appreciate it.


Rules and Reminders

1. We are getting a lot of complaints about people who walk their dogs and do not clean up after them. DO NOT let your dogs on other resident’s lots; everyone needs to curb their dog!

 2. Absolutely NO dogs are allowed to be roaming free at anytime. Your dog must be on a leash at all times or contained in your yard. We don’t mind that you walk your dogs in the commons area in front of the Park, but please clean up your pet’s waste. No dogs are allowed at the playground for any reason. You must bring along your own doggie bag for cleaning up after your pet. Pet owners will be charged $25.00 for not cleaning up pet waste on the first offense, and $50.00 for 2nd time andthe 3rd time you will be have to remove the dog from the Park and pay the $50.00 fine.

3. It is getting time to start on yard work and upkeep of your lot spaces. You must groom your yard (water as needed, trim, mow, and groom) weekly. As a reminder we have lawn mowers you can rent for $ 2.00 and you need to check mowers in and out at the office. In addition to the $2, you will have to leave your ID. Renting the mowers are only meant to be used by the person who rented it, as they are the one responsible for the mower. If you do not keep up on your yard work, we will come in and take care of it for you. (A fee will be added to your rent per each incident depending on what needs to be done.) Part of keeping your yard clean is cleaning out the gutters and keeping the sidewalk free of debris. Please do not blow it out onto the street. It is not our responsibility to clean up after you. If you are unable to take care of your yard, it is your responsibility to get someone to do it for you. We do have peoples contact info that can be hired for yard work, if you need it. Please do your part in keeping our community looking sharp. For those of you that do keep your yard looking great, again we really appreciate it.

4. Please clean up your porches! Please remove all items that are not approved. You may have patio/outdoor furniture, chairs, BBQ, etc… You may not store junk, old household furniture etc. As stated in the Park rules: the exterior of the lot may not be used for a storage area for furniture or appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines etc…

5. We will charge you if you leave items out on the sidewalk. It is your responsibility to take items to the dump. Do not place them in our dumpster.

6. No tarps may be used on any mobile home, awning, shed, carport, and decks or in the yard. No blankets or sheets are to be used for window coverings. Only blinds or curtains should be used to cover windows. We appreciate your cooperation in making those necessary repairs in a timely manner.

7. When you stop at the mail area to pick up your mail, please discard all unwanted mail in the proper garbage container which is provided for you. Please do not throw it on the ground outside the mail-room or on the floor.

8. Rent is due on the 1st of the month and late fee will go into effect with no exception on the 11th day. We accept cash, checks, money orders, Master card, Visa, Discover or debit.

 9. There is a 10 mile a hour speed limit, and parents please do not allow your children to play in the streets.                       

We appreciate all of you and we are glad to have you as part of our community.



Park Village