The purpose of these rules is to provide the Park and each Resident of the Park with a set of minimum standards of common responsibilities, conduct and respect for each other’s personal property. These rules are part of the lease agreement and are binding on the Park and the Residents of the Park. The following definitions apply.


A.   Mobile Home Park: Defined as the owners, agents, mangers, and resident managers of the mobile home park shall hereafter be referred to as Park.

B.   Resident: Defined as any adult member or child of a family residing in any unit either owned or leased, or any private unit in the Park.

C.   Unit: Defined as any home located home the Park boundaries and as only & single-family unit. We do not allow dual family occupancy anywhere within Park boundaries. This is in compliance with city and state, regulations.

D   Guest: Defined as any person visiting or residing with a resident for 14 days a year. If any person other than a Resident will be residing in or occupies a home for more than 14 days, that person must be registered with the Park. If any such person fails to register, such person will be considered a trespasser and/or tenant-at-will and will subject such person and the Resident to eviction.

E.   Trespass: Defined as any person not on the lease or authorized as a guest abiding by Park rules. The Park retains all discretions in decisions relating to who is in violation of trespassing. The Park is private property and the Park reserves all rights for protecting such and determining who may enter and leave the Park.

1.  Park Village is a family park and is governed by a lease, including these rules, as established by the management for safety and compliance by all Residents. In signing the lease and  Park  rules, all Residents are accepting and acknowledging their total compliance with all Park requirements. They are all so acknowledging the rights of the Park to use its remedies to insure compliance.

2.  Pets:  Park Village reserves the right and will restrict the number and types of pets allowed within the park boundaries.

A.  NO PITBULLS, CHOWS, DOBERMAN PINCERS OR ROTWEILERS shall be kept on the rented premises. No pets shall be left outside unattended at any time.  Dogs cannot be chained or tied up in yard at any time. No more than two (2) four legged pets are allowed in any mobile home in the Park under any conditions. Dogs must not exceed 14 inches in height, from floor to top of the back when full grown. This does not include existing dogs.   

B.  No cats are to be outside roaming in the park. They will be trapped and turned over to animal control. All cats must be spayed or neutered.

C.  All pets must be maintained and licensed in accordance with city and state requirements.

D.  Pets will not be allowed in any recreation area.                                              

E.   Residents must be responsible for the maintenance and protection of any other Resident from the actions caused by their pets. The liability of such actions resides with the Residents.

F.    Any remains or damages caused by pets must be corrected. Resident shall clean his/her yard daily of all waste left by pets and shall not allow the same to accumulate. Resident shall immediately remove all waste left outside of Resident’s yard by their pets when being walked or when otherwise outside of Resident’s yard. Pet owners will be fined $50.00 for animal waste not taken care of.

 G.  Any disturbances which annoy neighbors or cause harm such as barking, biting, howling, or destroying Park property will, terminate the rights of the pet to remain within the Park boundaries.                       

H.  Guests of Residents may not bring any pets into the Park.

           J.   All dogs must be tied up or be on a leash and in control of the Resident at all times.   

3.  Alcohol, drugs and disturbances:        

A.   No alcohol or drugs are allowed anywhere in the common areas such as the playground, front Park area, or streets of the Park.

B.   Drug use, either using, selling or distributing, Is prohibited in any area, unit or within the boundaries of the Park. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate eviction and removal from the Park.

C.   Alcohol usage must be confined to a Resident's unit and, that Resident must be
responsible for his conduct when drinking alcohol so as not to disturb the rights of
others within the Park. When using alcohol on his rental space outside his unit, the
Resident must also use discretion and show respect for other Residents and children
that may observe his actions.

D.   No lewd attire or behavior, either sober or drunk, will be acceptable anywhere in the common areas, streets, or outside of the Resident’s unit.

E.   Residents are responsible to maintain their speaking, music, or other forms of noise at a level that will not disturb the rights of other Residents. Large gatherings or loud parties will not be permitted at any time. Park reserves the right to determine when or whether this rule has been broken

F.   Any single or multiple violation of the above items relating to alcohol, drugs, or disturbances may-be determined by the Park as a major violation and result in eviction from the Park

G.  Police called to a Residents home three (3) times is grounds for an eviction from the Park.

H. Resident may not walk on or enter other lots without permission of the persons occupying said lot.

I.    Resident hereby holds Park harmless from any liability therefore, regardless of the age of the Resident, and agrees to indemnify and hold Park harmless therefrom, including expenses and attorney fees in defending any claim or action against the park on account of any such injury or damage.

4.  Landscaping: The responsibility of landscaping the rental space and unit is the responsibility of the Resident. All plans for change or improvements must be approved by the Park prior to the change.

            A.   All borders must be of pre-formed material, either cement; wood or plastic.                           B.   The location of trees must also be approved.                                                                         C.   All changes including fences, sheds, awnings, etc. must be approved prior to                             change or construction.

            D.    The-Park reserves the right to change landscaping at its discretion.

            E.     The Park reserves the right to put trees on any pad at its discretion.

5.   Lot Maintenance: All units must be maintained in a clean, neat and well -kept fashion. Al Residents must comply with the following requirements:

           A.   Each Resident must mow his yard each week during the growing season. They must                trim, water, care, and control the growth of all plants, shrubs, and weeds. This must be done            weekly or sooner as needed to maintain the lot with a neat and clean appearance.

B.   No grass, wood chips, bark, rocks or other items used in landscaping is allowed to enter any street, driveway, or sidewalk area.

C.    Any digging in the yard must be approved by the Park to prevent damage to utilities and electrical service, and the Resident will bear full financial responsibility for any damage to such services.

D.   Any oil droppings deposited by automobiles or other equipment must be removed from any driveway or sidewalk as soon as possible and on a regular basis.

E.   No fuel, oil or any hazardous material may be stored on any space or within any unit within the Park boundaries.

F.    The exterior of the lot shall not be used as a storage area for furniture or appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The exterior, of your home should only include approved accessories such as patio furniture and working bicycles, etc. It should not look like a storage yard. The Park reserves the right to charge the Resident for the cost of removal and clean up of violations in this area.

G.   Any Resident that is not in compliance with the above can be fined, and charged for the cleanup of their lot. This includes cutting of the lawn, removal of weeds, trimming, and garbage removal. The fine shall be determined by the Park. The minimum fine will be $10.

H.  No Tarps may be used on any mobile home, awning, shed, carport, decks or in the yard.

I.  No blankets or sheets are to be used for window coverings. Only blinds or curtains should be used to cover windows.

J.  Park Personnel may enter any lot space and inspect for rule violations and needed repairs.

K.   All garden tools and equipment, boxes, etc., must be stored out of sight to insure that yards will be attractive and uncluttered.

L.    Resident is required to appropriately landscape the area between the mobile home and the street.

M.    Bicycles, toys, and other similar items shall not be left in yards when not in use but shall be placed out of sight within a storage building or other appropriate area. These items must be picked up daily and put away. These items are not to be stored on patios, decks, carports or in the yard. Lot spaces must be kept in a neat and clean fashion.

N.    Playground equipment such as swings, slides, etc., are allowed with the approval of the Park prior to installation. There are to be no trampolines or swimming pools in the Park.

O.    NO clothes lines, clothes, blankets, rugs, etc. shall be visible from the front or sides of the home.

P.     Residents are only allowed three (3) notices every year. Any more will be grounds for an eviction. Notices include (7) Seven Day Non Compliance, (5) Five Day Pay or Quit or (3) Three Day Notice To Terminate.

6.      Utilities: All wiring and plumbing from the connection point with Park utilities are the responsibility of each Resident. Connections must be in compliance with all local and state requirements.

A.    Each Resident is responsible for heat taping their unit to the frost level during winter months. In the case of Park owned rental units, this becomes the responsibility of the
Park. The Resident accepts responsibility for any freezing or damage to any water
lines in conjunction with his or her space. The Park, further reserves the right to

correct and bill the Resident for such failures to maintain and may shut off any water
to any improperly protected space or home that is frozen or leaking or causes any
potential damage to the Park system.

B.   The Resident shall not tamper with any of the service connections to his or her home or rental without prior permission of the Park.

C.    The Resident shall be responsible for maintaining the sewer lateral to the main line.

D.    Under NO circumstances will the Park be responsible for any contractor hired by the Resident for the repair of or maintenance of any Park property or Park owned unit regardless of the problem. If a problem exists, the Resident must notify the Park.

7.   Trash disposal: A garbage container is provided each Resident and shall be kept concealed at the rear of the mobile home or in a utility shed so as to be out of sight. Garbage containers may not be put out for collection prior to 6:00 p.m. the night before collection and shall be removed from the street after collection as soon as possible the same day. Any remaining debris after collection is the responsibility of the Resident to clean up; a dumpster is located in the Park for additional clean up activities. Each Resident is responsible to insure not only the clean up of his site, but the unrestricted throwing of trash on a neighbor's location or Park dumpster area.

8.    Aerials and antennas: All aerials must be attached firmly to the rear of mobile homes and may
not exceed 4' in height above the roof without prior written permission from the Park.

9.     Soliciting and peddling: Flyers, handouts, soliciting, or peddling is strictly prohibited within Park boundaries with the exception of management, delivered late notices, newsletters, etc.

10.    Suspicious and disturbing activities: The Park is establishing a community policing policy for the purpose of reporting crime such as drug use, theft, disturbing the peace, assault, etc. Rules pertaining to reporting violations either to the Park will be established by a separate rules format but will be enforced under this section of the rules. Those rules on reporting will become part of this rules agreement.

11.    Absolutely no discharging or displaying of any firearms, archery equipment, crossbows, BB or pellet guns, sling shots, knives or any other item which may cause harm to a Resident. This includes target practicing of any kind. Absolutely NO Fireworks of any kind is allowed in the Park. ANY BEHAVIOR BY A RESIDENT WHICH SUBSTANTIALLY ENDANGERS THE SECURITY OF THER RESIDENTS OR THREATENS THE PROPERTY IN THE PARK WILL RECEIVE AN IMMEDITATE LEASE TERMINATION.

 12.  Vehicle control:

A.   A speed limit of 10 m.p.h., unless otherwise posted, will be enforced by the Park. Anyone driving faster than the posted speed limits will be given a notice each time they are observed driving faster than the posted speed limits in the Park. After the third warning, speeders will be issued a Landlord’s Fifteen Day Notice. THEN SPEEDER WILL BE EVICTED FROM THE PARK.

B.   No over night parking will be allowed on the streets of the Park. Residents should only bring to the Park the number of vehicles that he can safely park on his driveway space on his lot. The Park reserves the right to tow vehicles in violation from the
Park at the owner’s expense.

C.   No vehicle, camper, trailer, boat, R.V., motorcycle, etc., is to be parked on any grass or over any grass within the Park boundaries. Parking in vacant spaces rented and  maintained  by the Park must be approved by the Park. Violators may be towed with no warning required at the owner’s expense.

D.    All vehicles must meet state legal requirements and be properly licensed to operate and remain within the Park. Unlicensed and inoperative vehicles may be towed from the Park if found in violation at the owner’s expense.

E.     No repairs, painting, changing of oil or overhaul is allowed on say vehicle or equipment within the Park boundaries.

F.     All motorized vehicles must provide public liability and property damage insurance
to remain and operate in the Park. The Park reserves the right to request and receive proof of insurance at any time.

G.    The operation of motorcycles, motor scooters, mini bikes, mopeds, three-wheelers, atv’s, etc. is prohibited. Their use is only for coming and going from the lot space to leaving or entering the Park. They are not to be used for touring or joy riding within the Park.

  H.    The Park reserves the right to forbid entry into the park of any vehicle which has been   driven or parked in violation of the rules. Further, the Park reserves the right to limit the         size of any vehicle, R. V., boats, etc., within the Park.

 I.  All vehicles (including motorcycles and scooters) must be adequately muffled to prevent  any offensive noise. All currently licensed and insured vehicles (including motorcycles and  scooters) must be parked in the driveway on the rented premises and not on the streets,  patios, lawn area, sidewalks, adjoining lots, or any other portion of the rented premises.  Resident’s and/or Resident’s guests’ failure to observe parking rules shall be grounds for  eviction and/or shall result in the subject vehicles being towed without notice. Towing shall  be at the Resident’s and/or Owner’s expense.

J.  Park may remove without notice and have the vehicle impounded, by towing or otherwise, at the Resident’s and/or Owner’s expense and risk, any vehicle belonging to, or used by the Resident, their guests, or visitors which is:

i.   Parked in Violation of these Rules & Regulations;

ii. Vehicles parked in the street

iii. Unlicensed, uninsured and/or unregistered;

iv. Inoperable; and/or Abandoned;

v. Vehicles being repaired;

vi. Vehicles. RV’s, Trailers and/or other items parked in the storage areas which are in violation of the Rules & Regulations.


K.  No commercial trucks or vehicles (or private trucks with a GVW in excess 20,000 lbs) are allowed in the park except for commercial delivery. Any disturbance from noisy motors, noisy mufflers, from speeding or dragging from the use of any vehicle will not be permitted at any time.

L.  No recreation vehicles (RV) will be kept or stored on the rented premises without written permission from Park. This includes, but is not limited to, campers, RV trailers, fifth wheels, boats, tent trailers, motor homes, and other recreational type equipment. Such vehicles must be parked and stored only in storage areas provided, if any. Owners of vehicles in RV parking are must show proof of ownership prior to being given permission to park said vehicle. Vehicles, RV’s, Trailers, Boats and/or other items parked in the storage areas must be currently licensed, insured and in operational condition. All property must be approved and registered with the park before being stored.


M.  Resident’s will be allowed to park their RV’s in the driveway of their home site for a maximum of 24 hours for loading and unloading.

13. Child Control: The Residents of the Park are responsible for the activities of their children and any guest children brought into the Park. They are also responsible for the control and damages caused by their children to the property of the Park and the personal property of the others.

            A.  Kids are not allowed to play or loiter in the streets. The streets are not a playground. NO            Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Roller Skating, or Scooter Riding.

     B.  There will be a curfew for 18 years and younger, all kids will not be able to be out                 in the park without parental supervision between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.

14.  Sale of Mobile Homes: All Residents wishing to sell their home within the Park boundaries must register their proposed sale at the Park. The Park reserves the right to allow any sold home to remain within the Park boundaries. The selling of any home by any Resident does not transfer the right of the new owner to remain in the Park. This must be approved prior to purchase by Park management. This gives the full right to the Park for decisions on who will reside on the-Park property. This does not mean that the Park will not approve the new Resident, but gives the Park discretion in selecting its Residents. An owner should consider this when selling his home. This also extends to those owners who rent their units to others. The Park reserves the right to approve the Residents who reside within the Park. Upon, approval of a sale of a home, or the renting of a private home, a lease agreement and rules must be signed and accepted by the new Resident approved by the Park. All signs relating to the Park sales by residents must be placed in the window of the home and shall not exceed 144 sq. in. any violation of this rule will require immediate eviction of the home or Resident that is in violation of this rule.

15.  The Park reserves the right to change or add any rule it feels is necessary in order to improve the safety, appearance, of integrity of the Park,   Recommendations and suggestions are encouraged and considered by their merit.



18.  It is the intent of the Park to operate in accordance with the Utah Fair Housing Act and Federal Fair Housing Act and to provide all persons equal protection under the law. No employee or agent or owner of the park shall discriminate against any person in the terms, conditions, or privileges of sale or rental of a dwelling, or in the provisions of services or facilities in connection therewith because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin or source of income.

19.   Although these rules are specific, it is impossible for them to deal with every possible eventuality, therefore, the basic rules and regulations applicable to all is that everyone shall conduct themselves in a reasonable manner so as not to say or do anything to unreasonably adversely affect their neighbors or the ownership or management of the park. This rule and regulation, as all others, apply to Residents, guests, invitees, or any person in the Park with the permission of anyone living in the Park.